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Helping local businesses gain new customers through social media marketing and Messenger chatbots - with a human touch.


We utilize Facebook Ads + Messenger Marketing to connect with our clients' audiences in a human way. Chatbots are the future of marketing! With the personal feel of texting and the power of automation, we build a list of subscribers who will buy once & then buy again!

About Victory Points Social's really about YOU because our goal is YOUR Victory!

Business owners are SO passionate about their craft but get really frustrated trying to figure out how to market their products & services without spending a fortune. It's hard to know what is working, and even harder to find time to create and implement a marketing strategy.

My team will take lead generation off your hands! We position your brand on social media in front of a targeted cross-section of users and connect with them in Messenger. In plain English, we bring your business customers! 💥 You do what you do best and serve them well.

My personal determination is to go BEYOND my clients' expectations. Communication is key.

To get started 👉 contact me to set up an initial meeting to go over your goals and create a marketing game plan to move you from Rookie to All-Star!

Tracey Matney

Founder, Owner

Victory Points Social






START HERE! We need to get an understanding of your goals, so we can help your biz grow!


Sometimes you simply need an outside opinion & a fresh view to get your marketing strategy organized. We'll create for you a solid marketing plan to follow before we get started on ads and building chatbots for you.


done-for-you facebook ads

We'll help you get more eyeballs on your business and bring in more leads & customers!

Our full-service package includes Complete Ad Design: graphics, ad copy, automation and Chatbots! 

We will organize and track your offers/ads/leads and provide ongoing analytics to track ROI and ensure you get #results.

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messenger chatbots

10 Billion Messages are exchanged monthly between individuals & businesses!

Build an audience of engaged leads and customers with the newest platform of Messenger marketing. This is the cutting edge of the technology and adds that human touch we all are looking for on social media.


re-marketing & Follow-up

We all know the "fortune is in the follow up" but how many businesses properly do it?


For our clients, 75-95% of messages are opened! That KILLS email marketing where you are lucky to get 10-20% open rates.


We will set up follow-up sequences in Messenger and utilize the Facebook Pixel to create custom audiences for re-targeting leads (the nerdy stuff 🤓) and connect it all with Zapier automation to save you precious time with your family.

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I've been working with Tracey since October 2018 and I can definitely see an improvement in my social media marketing from the enhancements Tracey has been providing. I would highly recommend Tracey to manage and market on your social media platforms. Listen to her when it comes to your marketing budget. I had a lower budget at first, against her recommendation, and although I did see leads come in right away, when I increased it, I saw 2.5 times more leads almost immediately!! Thanks Tracey!!

Loan Officer, Mortgage Squared


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Smart, savvy and fun... Tracey Matney stays on top of any new techniques, works diligently to create more business for her clients through their Social Media and marketing opportunities.

Life Coach, Ignite Your Success


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Holy moly, it looks amazing! Thank you so much. Way to take notes! We’re going to make some money this next year via Clickfunnels and run ads and sell stuff online... That’s what I want to do, so I’m really excited that I have you to work with. Thank you for all the work you’ve done. It’s amazing! You have outdone yourself, Tracey!!!!!!!!!

CEO/Actor's Coach, Actor's Fast Track


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